Consumers Can Appeal Health Insurance Exchange Errors


The Obama administration on Monday said it will soon begin hearings to resolve problems for people who enrolled in health insurance through the Obamacare website, only to encounter errors including unnecessarily high costs. A recent Washington Post report states that approximately 22,000 consumers appealed to the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services following […]

Will Healthcare Coverage Mean Influx of New Patients?


Now that is running more smoothly and consumers are able to shop for health insurance, experts suggest that the next obstacle Americans may face is finding the care they need. Primary care providers may be overrun by the influx of newly insured patients, which may result in people struggling to find providers who are […]

State-Level Healthcare Enrollment Varies


States are experiencing varied levels of success with health insurance exchange enrollments, in large part due to whether they set up their own exchanges. People in states such as Texas, which did not create a state-level exchanges are struggling to sign up. What options do these consumers have? Full story at: Curated via Rock […]

Low Enrollment on the Marketplace


Although health insurance shoppers are still experiencing technical difficulties with, more than half who answered a recent survey found it impossible, somewhat difficult or very difficult to find the coverage they desired as well as plans they could afford. Is it likely that a high percentage of Americans will opt to pay the penalty […]

Say, “Cheese!” Using Shoppers’ Photos


The federal government is looking for happy consumers who have successfully purchased health insurance using to pose for photos for the website. It appears the administration has found some participants by picking up on social media posts about positive experiences on the site. Will posting pictures, videos and testimonials from real people encourage others […]